Hallo an alle, heute kam ein Brief von Manju, unserer 1. Stipendiatin aus Nepal:

„Being the sun in someone’s dark sky“

Namaste to everyone,

My name is Manju Bishwokarm

a iam currently studying in BALLB first year at the same time iam preparing for my final exam by the ending of exams i will be joining second year.

Spending one year in law school has bee great achievesment which i even can’t imagine that lot of good things have been happened in my life and lots of good people i had met. Before 1 year was not sure about my future but after one year experiences in my college which is such a good platform for my bright future and had helped me to build the confidence about my career. With lots of competence and qualify teachers my level of knowledge has been expended a lot. Due to lots of presentation, interactive session and practical education system i had become half lawyer which is said by my teacher.
The way i speak, the way i research, and the way i present i had become half lawyer….which makes me feel better and teachers are also happy with me.






Besides my study i have been involved in many extra- activities such as i have been involved in youth club of my college and organization which are helpful for my personal development and my profession too such as Nepalese Law student association this is the association of only law student where we express problems of the individual, social and nation we try to solve and discuss about to problems and how to overcome with that problem.

Second, i have been selected as the member of the Amnasty international organizatioN ented.







Third, Just 2-3 weeks ago i have been selected for the“Jesscca mout court“ training and we had learn many things. Selected member will be provided training to junior which are the up comming new student. We were being trained by international organization.



The most important things which made me feel as if i was born for lawyer is that we were around 600 student but our professor Dr. Yubraj Sangurala who was the former atternal general of our nepal and he is very renowned person of our country for many good works and his contribution toward his nation and legal system had been rewared many times by the government. He want to rebuild the nation as strong as before nepal was regarding this topic he has his own idea plan and policies for the development of the country so that he had chosen 50 student from our college and iam the one of those student.





Due to our class performance, our attitude, behaviour, our trustness and our thought and towards nation and energizing activness we have been selected and he had seen the potential it’s association there are lots o f knowledgeable person from various faculty such as doctor, lawyers, professor and professional managers of Nepal. The moto of our association will be the development of nepal and welfare of the people and we have been provided lots of training for the conservation of our nation and nationality.



But at the same times i have lots of challenges that we are going to changa government, political, economic and other system of the country lots of people have bad perception about the political system of Nepal. So iam little bit affaired that weather i will be success or not but i will try my best with my fellow members.The most challenges that i am going to face is in our society their still exist the concept of high caste people and low caste people where high caste people treat low caste people such a non human behaviour and immoral behave and i belongs to the low caste people and i had the responsbilities of maintaining equality am



which protect the right of the people i had represent our organization one of the program which was organize by international organization with collaboration with londan, german and nepal and there were around 50 organization presong people and i need to fight for those voice less people i know it’s really difficult but iam going to fight for them after my final exam we have got lots of assignment through this association and we will have lots of training and we will go for the field .




These are lots of things which i have been achiveing in my life during one year which are really surprising things for me… these all things and my success credits gose to all the supporters and the all the members of the CFF to whom i am really thankful and each and every step of my success and each and every position i stand it’s all because of you all really greatful to you all for welcoming these wonderful and miracle thing in my life..



I truly appreciate your continuous supports, love, care and generosity and your contribution had and will dramatically help me to develop and get success in my future endavours. Without your supports, involvement and generosity i wouldnot be able to aim high and reach towards to my destination.

Thank you so much Anna sister, Anika sister, Boryana sister, Kathrina sister, other members of CFF organization and other helping hands and supporter for always.

„Being the sun in someone’s dark sky“

I always want to have this kinds of supports and love from you all and want to make our relation more stronger than before and i will always try my best to make you all happy.



Respectfully and with lots f love