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Balerio Estacio is one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Guayaquil in Ecuador. It is a slum with no proper roads or houses. Many children live in families with social problems and are confronted daily with violence and poverty. If the children and young people do not get access to education they will face a life on the street.

Around 200 children between 5 and 18 years of age visit the small school „Reino Unido“ every day. On weekends, adults who did not complete school can improve their level of education.

This school is one of the few places where the kids can feel safe. During the rain season, it often happens that the children seek shelter in the school building and stay overnight. The school also tries to provide food for the children.

For me, relieving the pain of others is like fighting my own worries – that is why I can identify very well with social work and why I am so strongly involved in community and volunteer work. Ultimately, this is also what motivated me to found Fudeconec. We started this initiative in 1995 to help the people who are living in great need in our country. Since then we have achieved a lot. I myself am the best example of this: After graduating in Law, I studied to be a teacher so that I could work in the school. But that was still not enough for me; after my studies I took up theology and studied the Bible, so that I could share the knowledge I had gained with the people in my neighbourhood. Today I run the Reino Unido school founded by Fudeconec. Furthermore, I still work as a lawyer, so that I can help people in need with their legal problems. So I am happy to be able to do something good every day.

In the morning I go to school with my family. There I take care of both teaching and administrative tasks. My wife helps me in the secretariat and my children are themselves pupils in different classes. When I pay the teachers at the end of the month, the money is usually not enough to pay myself a salary. This is only possible because I also work as a lawyer. In the morning I am at school and in the afternoon I am there for my clients.

My biggest dream is to expand the school so that all the children from our neighborhood can go there. I hope that none of the children will have to stay on the street and that the little ones will never have to doubt that they can achieve something in life.

I love our country and the people who live there. That is why I get up every day and try to make our world a little better – as best I can.

There is a lack of everything and the school has no got enough money for the most necessary things. With your help and donations, we want to provide the school with educational material, furniture, books, blackboards and electric lighting.

There is small shop, which is run by an elderly lady, who earns around 2$ by selling homemade Empanadas and lemonade. She is a very kind woman, who often gives food for free if the children cannot afford to pay her. We would like to support her as well and make it easier for her to help the children. She needs a refrigerator and a more hygienic working place.

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