Scholarship program in Nepal

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Nepal is a multicultural, multilingual and democratic country. It is a complex mix of various cultures, ethnic groups and religions. Although the civil war in Nepal ended decades ago, the country still has to deal with the consequences. The powerful earthquake of 2015 also badly affected the country. Injustice hurts the smallest – there are 95,000 orphans. They may have lost their parents but have not lost their hope of a happy childhood and a better future.

In 2014 CFF began to support an Orphanage near Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu. This project has now developed into a scholarship programme to support children after they have finished school.

Our Goals

Our goal is to continue our support for the scholarship holders and to finance their education. We want to give many more young people the chance to learn a trade after they finish school and by so doing, give them a good start into a secure future.

Scholarship holders

At the moment we are supporting the education of four young people by paying their tuition fees and buying necessary equipment such as laptops. All scholarship holders take this chance in life very seriously and we are very proud and happy to enable them to finish their education.

Manju (21 years old) studies law at the „Kathmandu School of Law“. Apart from her studies, she is committed to voluntarily work for „Amnesty International“ and participates in different university events, especially when they are about rights and education for women.

Sanjeev (23 years old) studies IT at the „Softwarica College of E-Commerce & IT“. In January 2018, Sanjeev will do an internship to collect hands-on experience. Sanjeev also supports younger students in his residential home.

Bishal (21 years old) studies economics at the „Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal“. He is a conscientious student with consistently good grades. He also will do an internship in January 2018 before finishing his Bachelor Studies in 2019.

In summer 2017, Anjana (20 years old) started a one-year education programme in fashion design. Apart from this, she works as a seamstress to earn some money. She is determined to become a fashion designer one day.

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